Advice From Semalt On How To Find Out The Advantages Of Your Competitors 

In every industry field and in the whole world, always look at the competitors and try to do what they do - a better way. When it comes to the SEO industry there is nothing more important than knowing what are the right words to promote and what words your competitors are promoting. No website does not want to be in a higher position than its competitor and therefore quite a few website owners, promote keywords that their competitors promote, even if they are not the right words.

Indeed, many website owners do not have the necessary skills to know the right keywords to promote to compete with the competition. So, to get by, they turn to SEO agencies or freelance SEO managers to get the desired results.

Any marketer or website developer who is developing a strategy and work plan need to look closely at their competitors. Because without a thorough examination, your strategy and work plan will surely fail. That's why this article is especially for marketers and promoters who want to choose the right keywords for business promotion on Google.

How do you find out what the competitor's words are? 

Well, that's exactly what the current article is going to discuss while giving you an overview of a super-powerful SEO tool called the SEO Dedicated Dashboard to conduct successful competitive searches.

One important thing to note before we begin

Just before we begin, we want to share with you one very important thing:

When a site loses a position in favour of its competitor, it is not a slight or insignificant loss but a very large loss that is best avoided.

Even a very slight drop in the ranking of your site gives your competitors a very big advantage and if it comes to a real drop in rankings, it is very worthwhile to run the heaviest guns which are the most powerful SEO tools.

But wait, stop and don't panic, because Semalt is here to help you! Below we will introduce you to the Dedicated SEO Dashboard which is a very powerful SEO tool developed by the experts at Semalt. With this tool, you can know what your client's competitors are doing. This will allow you to know the SEO plan to adopt to succeed in your SEO service in a short time.

Ready to go? Get started!

Display the keywords targeted by your competitors

Through effective keyword research, we can know what topics we need to focus on to get the best quality traffic to the site. Besides, we can know which are the best opportunities to promote the site without too much effort to compete with other sites.  

It is important to note that even after having a list of keywords; the goal is not necessarily to achieve high positions in all of them.

Keyword research is one of the most important things in the process of promoting a website properly. In fact, it forms the infrastructure and plan of the project. The more research is invested, the further the project will go, bring more traffic and lead to more sales. So, this is a step that forms the basis of your SEO plan and it should not be done with your imagination or experience. Rather, with a proper tool dedicated for this purpose

So how do you find all these keywords?

Google can give us information about the most popular keywords that people search for, but it's not that simple and there are several reasons for that:
  1. Google can't provide numerical data on unique searches or new searches that are gaining momentum, like the name of a new tenant in the Big Brother house... Although you can see these searches in Google Trends or Google AutoComplete (to which we'll return later), we cannot know what the search volume is and whether it will be relevant in a month.
  2. There are keywords or phrases with very low search volume that may still be important to us. For example, "Bosch representation tools" (clothing has a home electrical equipment arm and an arm for the more professional market).
So, we can understand that doing keyword research effectively can be more difficult than it seems. But, if we have a good SEO tool; it will be very easy to overcome this challenge in no time and move on to the next step. This is where the real question comes in:

What tool should you use to do your keyword research and planning?

As we have pointed out in the previous sentences, this article is not intended to scare you! But, our goal is to help you carry out your SEO service. So, for a second time, don't worry at all!

Because in the following session we are going to introduce you to the SEO Dedicated Dashboard which is a tool recently developed by Semalt's experts. The SEO Dedicated Dashboard is an all-in-one tool that aims to ease the pain of SEO agencies and freelance SEO managers by its numerous features and its ability to accomplish several SEO tasks in a short period.

Get general keyword ideas with the SEO Dedicated Dashboard feature

The SEO Dedicated Dashboard is a tool designed primarily for sponsored promotion and provides campaign managers with a list of keyword ideas, including their volume and average price per click on ads that include them. It is a tool that is becoming very popular even among organic website promoters due to its competitive analysis capability.

It is a very useful tool if you want to find general keyword ideas:

Just enter a site link and the tool will provide you with insights based on its content, their sites' positions in Google search, as well as the TOP pages and keywords they are ranking for. Our competitive analysis tool integrated into the SEO Dedicated Dashboard helps you identify the top competitors in the right niche, their traffic-driving keywords and understand their promotion strategy. This can be great if you want to track a large number of competitors and don't have the time to crawl their site from A to T.

Competitor Research - How do you identify competitors?

Your competitors are not necessarily the ones you think are competing with you. Your competitors are the sites that appear in the top Google search results in the phrases and words you want to promote on your site.

Competitive research is a difficult and time-consuming process if you want to do it thoroughly.

The short and sweet way is to use advanced tools such as the SEO Dedicated Dashboard which is a tool specifically designed for this task.

The SEO Dedicated Dashboard can show you your top competitors in the search results in seconds. Note how relevant they are to you in percentages and number of shared keywords.

Another interesting fact about the SEO Dedicated Dashboard

If you are engaged in SEO or promoting your site independently, you need to really hang on to the SEO Dedicated Dashboard. It is one of the best tools in terms of SEO analysis of competitors, and there is a reason why many SEO agencies have adopted it.

This tool will give you the most complete and comprehensive picture you can get of your competitors and you can actually access their site. Among the other things you can do with SEO Dedicated Dashboard, you can find out about your advertising budget, discover your keyword positions and find out how your competitors are ranking.

The information you receive with the help of this tool will give you everything you need to know about your competitors:
  • Viewing the keywords targeted by your competitors.
  • Finding competitors that you didn't know or understand how much they are your competitors.
  • Completing ad campaign information down to traffic levels, cost per click and more.
  • Learning about the most common keywords of your competitors.
  • Viewing your competitors' posts and ads.
And much more information you can use to get to know your competitors on the best side and know about what and where you want to be against them.

Discover the difference between Semalt's SEO Personnel Dashboard and other SEO tools

Discover the difference between Semalt's SEO Personnel Dashboard and other popular analytics tools like Ahrefs, Ubersuggest and Semrush.

Get a FREE 14-day trial with your Standard plan

The good news, which we would like to share with you to end this series of information, is the possibility that you have to take a free trial for a period of 14 days. This will allow you to testify to the usefulness and capacity of this tool before you commit. So you have nothing to lose by starting your trial right away.

Please note that: during this period you will be able to have unlimited access to all the useful services included in the Standard package. Whether you need to track customer inquiries or manage lead data, we've got you covered.

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